To Sum It Up

Hey all! I'm Becca and it's super great to meet you. I was born and raised in Northern Maine, but am currently living in Alaska with my husband Aaron and dog child Abby. I'm loving this mountain life and every mile I run here makes me more stoked for the next. I've been an athlete most of my life, but only took up running after college. So far, I've run a few 5k's, one 10k, four half marathons, three marathons, and one fifty miler.

Aaron and I have been married for about a year and half and have been working on expanding our family for almost as long...no luck yet and believe me, it takes luck. Here I hope to share with you some of the struggles we are experiencing and how this intersects with my love of running. By the Grace of God, one day this may be a place where I write about the ever changing challenges of raising kids. For now though, let's just get honest about all the miles ahead between me and motherhood.


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