• Becca

52 Years Young

Happiest of birthdays to my one and only momma! 52 years young and feeling better than ever. Nothing like a day of hookie for lunch and a little shopping to celebrate your big day.

For a couple years now this lady has been praying to make the transition from momma to grandmomma. Sorry to say that did not happen in her 51st year, instead she'll have to keep praying for a late 52nd birthday gift. Instead, my brother and I got her a couple super cute Byer's Choice Carolers. If you've never seen these, you really need to google them. My grandmother has a huge collection of them scattered around her colonial home in Maine. They make her house so cozy in the Christmas season. She is actually the one who started my collection and if I'm being honest, starting my mother's collection was like 50% selfish of me. I'm just prepping her collection so in 40 years I can inherit all of her. No little brother I will not be sharing them and yes mother I expect another forty years out of you.

What are your family Christmas traditions? For years now it's been a tradition for my father to march around on Christmas in his black Santa hat that says "Grinch" across the front. So naturally when I saw this sign at lunch today I HAD to send it to him. Last year he realized I had never actually seen The Grinch, cartoon or Jim Carrey version. Basically I had boycotted it my whole life, always proud to say I'm Team Santa, not Team Grinch. Well, I finally watched it just to be a dutiful daughter. Turns out, it wasn't bad, the cartoon version that is. Truth be told, my father is the Grinch. It's all a front, with a little warmth and encouragement his heart melts right out of his chest.

Anyway everybody, wish Mommy Mary (coined like fifteen years ago by my best friend) a very Happy Birthday...and another forty more! Maybe send up a couple prayers for her that she becomes a grandmomma this year!


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