• Becca

Does Mother Nature Hold A Grudge

Growing up I was kinda of an annoying kid. It's probably fair to say I enjoyed getting people riled up. Eh, come to think of it, I still do, but that's neither here nor there. As I was saying, one of my favorite ways to get my mother going was to remind her that I was NEVER going to have kids. For some unknown reason I became a little infatuated with the idea of having a baby chimp. I mean they are stinkin' adorable! I'd nag my mother about how it was the exact same thing as having a human grand baby. She'd still get to cuddle it and change little tiny diapers, it's exactly the same thing (I say as an adult now rolling my eyes). Needless to say, she didn't find me all that amusing at the time. I thought I was hilarious. Plus, this was all about the same time that I was learning the intimate details of child labor: tearing, episiotomies, pooping on the table! Preteen mind blown. I'd take a chimp any day over experiencing any of that lovely stuff.

Needless to say, I outgrew that sentiment, but do you think Mother Nature remembers? Is it possible that all those years I spent picking on my mother, insisting that I wouldn't have kids is actually coming back around to bite me? Mother Nature is a powerful lady, maybe she's making an example of me and making this exceptionally difficulty for us. Her way of reminding me that you shouldn't say things you don't mean.

Obviously I write this half jokingly, but the irrationality of my question is completely serious. In my early twenties I went through another phase where I considered what my life would be like if I didn't have kids. The thing is, I was able to picture it and it was a good life. Then, Aaron and I started dating and again my thoughts changed. Maybe this sounds a little flighty or like I don't actually know what I want, but the thing is I 100% do know what I want. I want Aaron and I have to kids, I want to go on adventures together as a family, I want to help guide little humans towards their own dreams, and struggle through the challenges of parenthood with Aaron. Maybe that means my life will be consumed by diapers, tears, teething, toddler tantrums, and all kinds of wonderful and exhausting milestones and a little less traveling the world and freedom to escape whenever I want, but that sounds ideal to me. No more chimps, only baby humans. So come on Mother Nature! Forgive me for all my young and slightly stupid ideas (chimps) of my future. Let us move on and bless us with a baby! Here I am, praying to the Saints and begging Mother Nature, welcome us into parenthood and bless us with a healthy baby.

Until that happens though, I still got my fur babies, well my actual fur baby and my shared custody welcomed visiting fur baby. Jack and I got in 6.5 miles earlier this morning. I'd love to say they were tempo miles, but in reality that's just what I'm telling myself. At an 8:35-8:40 pace, probably a stretch to call it a tempo run. Afterwards both babies got to go on a little hike. Of course it's completely impossible to get a picture of the three of us together so instead I settle on a selfie with both pups.

I was also super stoked that I finally managed to get a good picture of my two pups together. Of course, that excitement was short lived and replaced by exasperation. You may notice that Jack seems to be a little excited in this picture. Jack is what we call a "horny little bastard". His "happy toy" is always out. Even better, when he's frustrated (ABOUT ANYTHING) he humps. It's both disturbing and humiliating when he does it to me in the middle of a trail with people around because I stopped too long to stretch. We love our children despite their flaws right?

So today we got miles closer. Abby put in four miles, I put in 10 miles, and Jack, the over achiever, 10+ miles. So with a little extra support today, I got in plenty of Miles to Motherhood!


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