Getting that Vitamin G

Oh my goodness, between the cold snap and the plague that attempted to kill me, it feels like it's been more than a hot minute since I spent any serious time outside. I thought I was sick last week during our girls' trip, turns out that was just the minor league stuff, it got much worse as the week went on. Literally did nothing but sleep for days, aside from working, but I have to say I didn't even put in full 12 hour shifts at work before being completely exhausted from this virus. I'm talking like 12 hours of sleep every night and on my days off laying around on the couch dozing all day. I was just a blob that moved around occasionally to make dinner or go to the bathroom.

Finally a couple days ago I could breathe through my nose again. Seriously, it's unbelievable how much we take basic bodily functions for granted. Hello oxygen! Please come to me. Yesterday I was still getting winded after a flight of stairs, but whatever it's progress. With today being my first full day off where I can breathe and stay awake longer than a couple hours I was dying to get outside. So was Abby for that matter. Poor pup has basically been cooped up for like three weeks now, there's only so much sleeping a dog can do. Anyway, today we packed up and went skiing, despite the fact that the temps were hovering at 0 degrees again. DON'T CARE. Take me outside!

So we picked up Jack on the way north and me and my two goons got a couple miles in on the trails before their feet started freezing.

You wanna talk about a body at rest staying at rest? Ding, Ding, DING! I'm your girl. Sweet loving' after three weeks of very little physical activity it was a serious struggle to get my muscles moving again. And let me tell you, my back and arms are actually sore right now, 6 hours post a 2 mile ski. It's a little sad that we spent more time traveling to and from the trail then we did actually on the trail, but still, it was so worth it.

Have you ever heard of Vitamin G? No? Basically it's this idea that humans require grounding, so its recommended that everybody walk around barefoot for short periods of time outside to become grounded with the world and it's energy. At 0 degrees, it's a little chilly to be walking around barefoot, but I'm sticking to the idea that being outside and connecting with the natural environment around us can have the same effects. My Vitamin G level today is through the roof. I'm feeling totally refreshed. Pretty sure the dogs would agree too.

Got home, did some knitting, made a kick ass plant based meal (that Aaron was less than impressed with), took some online classes for work, and managed to get in an hour of yoga.

All of this after successfully cleaning my house this morning for the first time in a while, no shame, I didn't feel good people. I think we can say this plague has finally given up on me and I've come back to life. Loving every single breath I take through my nose. Only two Miles to Motherhood today, but it's two more than yesterday so I'll take it!


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