Girls Trip! Thank God for my Frans'!

Most of my friends are nurses so trying to rearrange our schedules and find a couple days that works for all of us to get together can be a real challenge. Literally for three months we've been trying to plan a get away together. Between work and families, we finally found one night that worked for all of us to get out of town.

Monday we all headed south to Girdwood, Alaska for a night in the mountains. You really don't have to go very far to still feel like you've escaped reality a little bit. Girdwood is a tiny little ski town with cozy restaurants, beautiful skiing and hiking, and this mellow feeling you get as soon as you pull into town.

After staying up half the night talking while knitting and doing puzzles we woke Tuesday morning to a ton of fresh snow that had already fallen and was still coming down. It literally looked like Hollywood snow, flakes big enough to show up in our pictures. You wanna talk about peaceful? Take a walk through the trails of Girdwood in the middle of the week when nobody is around and the snow is falling from the sky. There is literally no sound, everything dampened by the snow. Even with a ridiculous head cold, it was so easy to get lost in the tranquility of it between blowing snot rockets.

Finishing our hike with cold hands and purple toes it only made sense to stop for pedicures before returning to reality.

Sometimes all it takes is one night out of town with your girlfriends to completely refresh and rejuvenate. I get it, it's not always possible for some of you mommas to get away for even a night, but take some time for you and your friends. Wrangle everybody together for a weekend brunch, or spend the afternoon shopping together at the mall. We all need our girlfriends, even if we forget it sometimes. So, thanks to mine for a fantastic night away, can't wait for our next get together!


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