I see Spring...everywhere but Alaska

Remember when I ranted and raved about how much I love winter, I might have to take it back. First of all, January here in the Mat-Su Valley was one of the coldest on record with temps significantly below zero most days; second, we got inches upon inches of snow dumped on us in February. Again, normally I'd love this, especially in December or January, but this year I kind of want to cry a little bit every time I see snowflakes falling from the sky. I'm not sure if the frigid winter completely turned me off or the fact that I'm growing a human, but I CAN NOT wait for spring to bless us with her presence. The faster spring gets here, the faster we will be in the throws of summer, and then comes the end of summer which means Monkey will be here! Obviously I'm already super anxious for this tiny human to be in the world outside my belly.

But really, this winter has made me such a baby. I've lost any grit I had. My cut off to run outside used to be a "real feel temperature" of 0; this year I can't get myself outside unless it's 20+. Come on girl, toughen up. Except, I have no motivation to get outside. Normally after a day inside working or doing whatever I'm chomping at the bit to get outside, it's an actual craving, but this year I'm more like "Well I'm gonna put on shorts and a tank top and use the treadmill". I HATE the treadmill normally, so why does this sound much more tempting to me? It literally makes no sense. It's completely not me.

Plus, I usually get my run in pretty early solo to make sure I have some time in the afternoon to get Abby outside and make her not be so lazy, but this winter it's happened maybe a handful of times. I could barely function through one work out let alone string together two a days. Clearly that was pregnancy related. My body's been a little preoccupied growing a human to have the energy to spend all day every day outside. I can understand that fact, but still, who have I turned in to?

Today I forced myself to find myself. Instead of running first, I got completely bundled up (in an excessive amount of clothes for the current weather) and packed up my snowshoes and the dog and we headed out to break trail for a while.

Talk about one happy pup, clearly one of us is happy about the last storm. It was our first time snowshoeing this winter and hot dog my hip-flexors were burning a little, maybe a little more than a little. Got me thinking maybe I should start running with ankle weights and strengthen my lower body a bit. Anyway, it was my first time getting outside in the woods in what feels like forever and it felt so good. We were the only ones out there today and there was not a single sound except for Abby tearing through the fresh powder burrowing inches below the surface. It was invigorating. By the time we got back to the car I actually felt energized, despite the fatigue in my legs.

I felt good enough to head straight for the indoor track to log some miles. Yay me for being motivated; but, I still haven't found my grit and opted for another indoor run, eh whatever it's still progress. After four more miles on the track I can safely say this is the most miles I've done in a single day since I was about 5 weeks pregnant.

Mother Nature may not be ready to deliver Spring to Alaska yet (even though I've seen plenty of evidence of it in every other corner of the country), but she has given me my mojo back for the start of my second trimester and I'm not sure what I appreciate more. Totally plan on taking advantage of every moment of this part of my pregnancy and finishing plenty of miles with Monkey. Maybe I'll enjoy this part a little more now that I've found myself again. Here's to me, you, and all the miles to motherhood ahead.

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