Living On A High

You know those days or sometimes just moments when you feel completely invincible? It's the moment when you feel everything on the inside turn upwards and you can't help but smile on the outside. Then for a brief moment you might blush because it's a little unnerving to be standing there smiling for no apparent reason to anybody else. Sometimes this feeling comes over me on a super beautiful Saturday morning when I'm driving around with my favorite sunglasses on doing errands. Today the feeling came on a run. The ever famous, always lingering idea, the runner's high. Let's be clear I haven't had a high in a few months now. Today was AMAZING!

It's technically only about 24F degrees outside today, but the sky is the brightest shade of blue and the white mountains a stark contrast on the horizon while the sun beats down. It feels like spring! Things are looking up here in Alaska with the temperature expecting to rise all week long to the mid 30's, serious heat wave after this winter. I digress.

Today I immediately felt heavy before I even hit the end of my driveway. First thought: this is gonna suck, probably shouldn't have eaten that cheesecake, but like they say, the first mile is always the hardest. It was so beautiful outside! All it took was one short downhill to stretch out my legs and gain a little speed to start falling into a rhythm. Honestly, my legs never really felt light, or smooth, or particularly fast, but I've accepted this as my new pregnancy norm. Instead the lightness was completely in my heart today. It was one of those days where my mind and heart could have gone for hours and I craved a couple more hours on the road, but rationally I knew there was no way my legs could sustain that right now.

I finished the last couple of my six miles with the sun on my back, gloves off, feeling higher than I've felt on the roads in months. And you know what, I'm actually kind of o.k. with that. This pregnancy has taught me a little more about balance. I was listening to a podcast this week and the runner being interviewed talked about how she didn't push herself too hard to run while pregnant and that's what she credited her quick post postpartum recovery to. So, while today I found my high on the roads, the partially bare pavement roads I might add, earlier this week I found more comfort and excitement in a lavender mud mask and massive plate of nachos. I only feel a little guilty about it.

Oh well, our little Monkey will come out loving nachos and will get along just fine in this family.

Premise of the story, find your high. Your natural high that is. Not exactly encouraging the use of substances here. Find that moment when you feel the pure happiness, contentment, and confidence bubbling up from deep inside until it pours out all over your face whether it comes while jamming out to your favorite song or soaking in the tub with a book. Find it, embrace it, and rock it. Stoke your fire. For me, I'm gonna keep running my Miles to Motherhood under a spring sun on melting roads.


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