• Becca

Thanks Be To The 'Gram

I love it. I hate it. I'm so addicted to it. That's it, I'm detoxing from it! It's such a great tool. Well, I'll just limit my time on it.

We've all heard it. Heck, we've all said these things! Like it or not, social media makes the world go round. But, unless you are the staunchiest of puritans (in which case you probably aren't reading this) there's no way you haven't appreciated social media for it's mystical powers at one point or another. A long time ago, planes made the world a smaller place, but social media, well that has made us, as a global population, all just next door neighbors.

A few months ago when I started researching adoption, the laws, agencies, types, etc. I decided to reach out to a stranger I follow on Instagram. Sara Hall is a professional runner for Asics, she is one of the fastest American women in history. She and her husband Ryan, who is now a retired professional runner and also one of the country's fastest, adopted their four daughters from Ethiopia a handful of years ago. Obviously, I've never met either of the Hall's, but from all their media coverage, social media accounts, and articles written about them I get the impression that they are two truly genuine, graceful, classy people. If you are a runner, a mother, a christian, or tend to think of yourself as a good person and not following the Hall's do yourself a favor, mosey on over to their accounts and give them a follow. Anyway, I decided to send Sara a DM on Instagram. Why not, right? The worst that's going to happen is it'll go unanswered, truthfully that's exactly what I excepted. Nope, guess again. In the middle of her buildup to the NYC Marathon, Sara messaged me back...and super fast too. Despite all the messages I am sure she gets she actually took the time to answer my questions. She gave me invaluable information; she actually introduced me to an agency that she had heard wonderful things about. This is the same agency that I've been in contact with.

So say what you want about social media, no doubt it has it's downfalls, but in this case it opened my eyes to a whole new area to explore. Thank you so much to Sara for sharing your time with me. I can't explain how grateful I am to you for pointing us in this direction. She painted us a perfect map to at least get started down the right road. Without social media I never would have discovered this agency because I wouldn't have even had the option to chat with her. All I can say is thanks be to the 'gram and thanks be to Sara Hall. You just keep motivating me to be a good person and to keep running my Miles to Motherhood.


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