Time for Ice Cream

About a week before Christmas we were sitting around after dinner when Aaron mentioned that some ice cream would be really good. At the time I was sitting on the couch browsing through my fertility tracking app. "Well actually it looks like I'm a couple days late, I'll go to town with you and get ice cream and a pregnancy test if you want". Initially he was pretty reluctant. Aaron's a smart guy, he'd watch my mood and demeanor change 11 times prior when the tests were negative. He was super hesitant to take the deal, but off we went to town. Let me premise this by saying, you all know exactly what my mindset was at the end of 2019. I was completely focused on adoption and had all but given up on the idea of conceiving, so I had very little faith in a positive pregnancy test.

When we got home I obviously went straight to the bathroom. Two minutes is a long time when you're waiting on a pee test, but then the most faint double line popped up. Immediately the heat in my belly rose to my cheeks, I texted by BFF 911! Of course it was taking forever for the picture I was trying to send her to actually send so I could get her take on the result. Eventually she agreed; it was positive. Now, let the screaming begin! Aaron meandered over to the bathroom in his typical completely cool, non excitable way, looked at the test and said "Stop jumping around the baby is going to fall out". And so the adventure has begun.

After a couple more pee tests, repeat blood work 72 hours apart, and two transvaginal ultrasounds, we have a heartbeat and a growing baby. Baby P, who we lovingly refer to as Monkey which may sound familiar from an earlier post, is due at the end of August.

Every day we get more excited. Not gonna lie, my registry was half finished by the time I went to bed that first night. Despite the excitement, I've still been terrified that something will go wrong. Thank God Aaron has been such a good sport and has been able to laugh off some of my anxiety because I'd be locked away if anybody else was forced to deal with me. Haha. It seems every time I told one person that we were pregnant, I'd spot just a tiny bit the next day. At this point it's pretty much out in the open and I'm also very due for an OB appointment. I haven't seen my OB in 6 weeks and my appointment today got cancelled as she got called to another labor, yay and congrats to that lucky family, sending good vibes! But also, bummer for me. So now I'm scheduled to see another OB in her office on Thursday. I can't wait! I just want to hear a heart beat since it's been so long. Every day I put some pressure on my boobs just to make sure they are still super sore, gives me a little reassurance that I'm still pregnant. Don't worry, they hurt enough to convince me I'm carrying triplets...I'm not though! Haha.

While Aaron and I get more excited and settle into the idea of being parents soon, Abby also seems to be figuring it out. She's always been Mom's girl, but in the past couple weeks she is so attached to me that one of us is going to end up with a broken hip from tripping over each other. She's more cuddly with me and always trying to get a little closer to make sure she has a direct line of sight on me. I'm taking this to mean that she'll be a great big sister. Planning to get a new dog bed for her to set up in the nursery so she can protect Monkey and Mom and Dad can finally get some leg room again in between midnight feedings and changes.

Through the beginning of the pregnancy journey, my miles have definitely decreased, but still logging those Miles to Motherhood.

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