• Becca

To Our Baby

Merry Christmas! From me and my gang to you and yours. This is our second Christmas family picture and hopefully our last as a family of three. While there may only be three of us in our picture, there still exists the dream of a fourth between us.

Our baby may be just a dream right now, but already is the most loved child. At some point in the past month or so, Baby P became less of a wish and more of a concrete being to me. Maybe it's because we are coming up on 2020 and it'll be time to start getting aggressive in expanding our family, but lately I feel like I can almost see this child. I know there's no guarantee we will have a baby this coming year, but the possibility seems more likely to me at this point. I can see in my head what the nursery will look like, I constantly irritate Aaron playing the name game (we will NEVER agree on a name for this child by the way), and "planning" what this year could look like if we are blessed with a child. Remember, I'm your Type A Queen, must have a plan in place for every possibility.

As I write now, Christmas is over in our house. The tree is put away and the stockings boxed up. All that's left this morning is the remnants of the dog's gifts scattered around the house, the insides of slaughtered stuffies everywhere.

Don't let that unassuming face fool you, she's a killer. No stuffy, tennis ball, or squeaker stands a chance in this house!

Up until late afternoon on Christmas Eve we were looking at a very brown depressing Christmas here in Alaska, but it started snowing and we got a few inches of super light and fluffy snow. It was so beautiful! Christmas can't exist without snow, not for me anyway. Talk about a Christmas miracle. So now I'm sitting here hoping for a slow cooking, slightly late Christmas miracle to bless us with his/her presence at some point in 2020. Here's hoping this was our last Christmas "alone", but not without the dogs. I have to admit we have become slightly crazy dog people. While the dogs were unwrapping their gifts and tennis balls were rolling in every direction, Aaron and I laughed. I joked "Isn't it great to relive Christmas through your kids' eyes?" Haha. Baby or no baby, it was a fantastic Christmas. Despite being thousands of miles away from most of our family, we continue to feel their love and support and are blessed to get to spend the holidays with the family close to us here. While we wait for our late Christmas gift to arrive, haha, I'll continue to grow my diaper stash. If nothing else, we'll be ready when Baby P comes to us however he/she is planning to. Baby P, wherever you are in the universe we can't wait to meet you and are ready whenever you are!

Well, it's time for me to get some miles in. Yay for mile repeats at tempo pace this morning...actually, I'm kind of excited for these because Aaron got me a One80 Light. YAY! Homeboy can take a hint. Haha. So off I go in the not so dark and scary darkness with my new light. I'll be running my Miles to Motherhood while Aaron works on his Flooring to Fatherhood. Operation finally finish the floors in our house is almost complete! Thank God.


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